Basme de zi

Elysium Love

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Life gives us many opportunities that descended into the darkest abyss realize light spirit.

We vigorously oppose change only when it is our only certainty.

Trapped in the cage with bars of society we struggle to have the same image all,wearing fins soul uniqueness.

We burn it for be fallen angels who will never get back to heaven.

Why we are so afraid to take a mask so hard, leaving face to breathe?

Back in the light through the darkness where nothing is, was and will be everything to regain the lost   name, word that can render us elysium love.



Author: basmedezi

in acest ciclu numit viata incerc sa imi gasesc un loc. Calatoresc fugind de mine dar umbra cu care m-am nascut imi urmareste continuu pasii asa ca obosind ma asez la soare si privesc inspre sine gasind ce am cautat in toata aceasta alergare plina de suferinta..m-am gasit pe mine.

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