Basme de zi

Our spirit same as the phoenix bird

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It happens often to face the same different situations just through the characters who participate.Then we ask ourself why?The explanations are many same as the various roads we rasonate by the way we’ve been built ourself. Accepting any circumstance, we accept the way that life ment to be and we are willing to start building something for our own destiny.


Whether if things are beneficial or destructive, the time will reveal the reason which we came across with some people who makes us suffer through their presence in our life or far away from it.

Karma is causa or effect.Any act committed born a positive or negative karma.The adage “till God the saints will gonna eat you” is true as can be, because until we gonna live this world, we have to pay and receive payments from those who, with or without our will, is causes us inconvenience.Like us, when we commit an act that has negative repercussions against other person, create a payment in the future or in another life.

From my point of view, The Hell and The Heaven presented in holy books are just fiction. I agrre the jewish vision about this world and that one beyond this world:” the hell is on earth and we wanna bring the heaven here”

.As long as we live here we have to discover the purpose that contribute to the coming of Eden on Earth. We are all endowed with aspecial ability which we use it in our unique way.Not even another person on this earth doesn t own that unique thing that belongs to each one.The reason which make us to wake up every day and the life itself represent a totally happiness. Like this we are in harmony with pur purpose. This thing that we have it like a priceless treasure hidden inside you, is called Dharma.

Paying attention to the sound of intuition we give opportunity to spirit to guide our steps in that place where mind becomes a slave not a master!!

All this for fulfillment of dharma and karma enlightenment.


Author: basmedezi

in acest ciclu numit viata incerc sa imi gasesc un loc. Calatoresc fugind de mine dar umbra cu care m-am nascut imi urmareste continuu pasii asa ca obosind ma asez la soare si privesc inspre sine gasind ce am cautat in toata aceasta alergare plina de suferinta..m-am gasit pe mine.

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