Basme de zi

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When you Break up you feel really down. The intensity of imotions deepends a lot of how involved your heart was in the storm of plans that you make in your mind about that special one. We give up ourselfs just to remake a body of shadow compose from our soul and that person soul. Man are diffrent when they end a relationship. Most of them put their dick in every vagin ready to recive it. They go to gym, drink and party like monkeys. Woman afther they broke up are a mess . Most of them listen to sad songs with a bottle of wine in front of their laptop. Woman feel the need to talk over and over again about how important that special boy was. Everything reminds them about him. Even the water have His taste. I was also like this but life got Me through this sad Break up the lesson of lonlyness. I understand that what will be mine one day will come to Me no matter the distance or how long time will be apart . Now I give to life my pacience when i have nothing just myself. And here alone i just wait him to come back. If time will make me forget about him that means i just have to Open my Close eye for somebody else, if not then i am lucky and he is my soulmate and one day I will wake up in His arms again . Image